How greencubator works in wartime

From the first day of the war, as a greencubator and each team member, we joined in the fight for our joint victory, uniting with like-minded people in a single team Group35.
From one Facebook post on February 28 by greencubator’s cofounder Roman Zinchenko and InSpririto) cofounder Yevhen Filyak started fundraising for the Territorial Defense Force (TDF) of Kyiv and other cities!!! $ 60,000 in 2 days from two Facebook posts — chest rigs, knee pads, tactical goggles, night vision goggles, binoculars, medicine, etc. All this equipment will help to withstand our country and, most importantly, — will save the lives of our defenders!
Later, Yevhen and Roman were joined by many friends from the Ukrainian Catholic University, UCU Business School, greencubator, and other communities — now called Group 35.
Transparency is crucial to us, and we are informing our donors about the successes and victories possible to achieve thanks to the funds you donated at the Group 35 Facebook page and the website
The voluntary TDF battalions of the third wave formations do not have any primary protective gear to serve with and communication equipment. That’s why Group 35 continues raising funds — please join us!!!
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