How can you help Ukraine even at home

Ukraine has been courageously defending its freedom for more than 40 days. More than 40 days … Such desperate and victorious resistance was made possible by our soldiers on the front lines, volunteers of the Territorial Defence Forces, who gave up their usual lives and took weapons in their arms for peace, and by volunteers who rescue people and animals under bullets and help with the necessary things.
And also, thanks to each of us who at least once cooked and helped with food, shared things with the migrants, or simply donated money to the needs of the army.
Millions of hryvnias are needed every day to bring victory closer. And volunteers help to raise these funds for the purchase of equipment and stuff. In particular – Group 35.
Group 35 is a volunteer organization that includes representatives of UCU Business School, Greencubator, Lviv IT Business, InSpirito and the Ukrainian Catholic University. Different people with one goal – to help Ukrainian soldiers!
Thanks to their efforts, the most necessary protection equipment has already been purchased – cars, walkie-talkies, drone systems, thermal imagers and thermal imaging sights, helmets, body armor, knee pads, tactical clothing and more.
Every day, Group 35 receives lots of requests. Every day, Group 35 helps our defenders. And today you, who read this post, can help Group 35 with even 10 hryvnias. After all, if at least 10,000 people send such a donation, it will be enough for a big batch of helmets, body armor, walkie-talkies, tourniquet, etc.
To find out the details for the donation, follow the link: