Video stories #EnergyHeroes

#EnergyHeroes is a series of video stories about Ukrainian green innovators and sustainability activists produced in 2016 by the Greencubator with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

These #EnergyHeroes are Ukrainian activists, entrepreneurs, startups, city mayors, and politicians. They are the driving force behind changes in the energy sector and catalysts for Ukraine’s green progress. They make cities fall in love with cycling and advocate for cycling infrastructure. They are moving cities away from oil towards a green future, creating energy start-ups and promoting sustainable mobility. They are Ukraine’s energy heroes, whom we have profiled as part of the Greencubator information campaign.

#1. Making energy democracy possible with open source

You live in the world of open-source technologies: your phone, your computer, your smart TV, your internet are full of open-source components. Open-source software runs the web and large part of the world. What if energy technologies could be open-sourced? That’s the idea behind EnergyTorrent: empowering people by collaboratively designing and sharing the key energy technologies for farmers, makers, industrialists and enthusiasts. Energy freedom can be open-sourced!

#2. Helping Ukrainian cities fall in love with biking

Some streets love bikes. Some are dangerous for bikers. Some people love bikes. Some would love to bike, but not sure if they can do it safely. Meet the people helping Ukrainian capital to fall in love with biking.

#3. Branson, Deutsche Telecom and energy innovations from Ukraine

Do you know, which of your home appliances are the true energy hogs? Or have you ever rushed home unsure if you unplugged your iron? Kyiv-based brings you a personal energy detective and energy butler.

#4. Green ambitions of Dolyna, Ukrainian oil city 

For over half-a-century oil was the key driver for transforming Dolyna from village into attractive city near beautiful Carpathian Montains. And for almost a decade the one of the ambitions of Dolyna’s mayor is making its economy independent from oil.

#5. Charged with freedom 

When police brutality hit the streets of Kyiv in 2013, Oleksandr Kravtsov joined AutoMaidan – the civic patrol on wheels. His blue Lanos marked with EU starts was filmed in many chronicles. In December 2013 along with friends he was severely beaten by the police, his car was destroyed.

Oleksandr spent 12 days in custody on false allegations. Back to freedom, he started the ElectroCars, one of the largest EV communities in Ukraine and installed the charging station at the entrance to Mezhygirya – the residence of the ousted president Yanukovych.

#6. Want your orders delivered in 1 hour? E bikes come to rescue! 

Tired of waiting for deliveries? Ukrainian electric bikes startup DelFast brings 1-hour delivery to ‪‎Kyiv‬, ‪‎Warsaw‬ and ‪Almaty‬. More cities are coming soon. The bikes are red, the business is ‪green‬.

#7. Powering green mobility revolution 

What will power your ride in 15 years? Will it be Lithium-ion battery, hydrogen, or still diesel? But what if your bus could recharge in 15 seconds? Meet the Yunasko team, creating the energy storage technology for the next breakthrough in green transportation. From Ukraine – for the world.

#8. Ukraine paves the road for electric vehicles

For electric vehicles to take off, the charging infrastructure is absolutely crucial. Meet the creators of Ukraine’s largest charging network – and learn the story of the very first charing point in Lviv. May the Pickacku be with you!