Starting from 2013, Greencubator runs energy camp called TeslaCamp. That is an open-air renewables-powered energy innovations camp, organized by NGO Greencubator, dedicated to the future of energy markets. TeslaCamp 2018 was located at cozy and green part of Dnipro river bank added some special vibes to the event.

Themes for discussion:

  • energy decentralization and renewable energy support;
  • microwaves;
  • cyber security;
  • climate innovation financing;
  • green export.

TeslaCamp traditionally is a favorite meeting point for the industry players, energy innovators, students, energy enthusiasts, investors and the media. More about TeslaCamp

Results of TeslaCamp 2018

BBC coverage of TeslaCamp 2014

TeslaCamp 2013 video (in Ukrainian)