TOP 5 trends in the cleantech industry development worldwide. Our insights from UNIDO

In June, our Greencubator team represented Ukraine at the regional conference “Connecting for development – Innovating for impact” from UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna, Austria.

For Greencubator, this UNIDO conference was an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts and gain a deeper understanding of the main trends in the development of the cleantech startups across Europe, Asia and Africa 🌱🌎

👇 Here are some of the key trends we noted:

  1. Solidarity and unity. Although solutions to climate change exist, the world still lacks the political will and unity to implement them on a large scale. Countries have to unite to achieve a common goal. 
  2.  Circular economy. The combination of economic growth and decarbonization is achievable by implementing the circular economy’s core principles: reducing waste, reusing materials, recycling resources, designing things for long-term use, and restoring natural systems.
  3. Diversity. People with different backgrounds can offer new perspectives and ideas on the same problem. At the same time, each country needs solutions and technologies tailored to its specific needs, considering different social and economic characteristics.
  4. We need more women entrepreneurs. Startups founded only by women attracted only 2% of the total venture capital invested in 2023 in Europe and the United States. It demonstrates the importance of supporting and encouraging women in entrepreneurship.
  5. Youth engagement. Working closely with universities and schools to educate the younger generation about entrepreneurship is essential. This approach will help encourage young people not only to look for jobs, but also to create ones.

Greencubator is grateful to the UNIDO team for inviting Ukrainian representatives to the conference and supporting sustainable entrepreneurship development in Ukraine and worldwide. Such events allow us to share experiences, learn about new trends, and expand our contacts internationally.

We look forward to our further cooperation and future projects!