Climate Innovation Vouchers

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union launch the new phase of the Climate Innovation Vouchers. After successful implementation in Ukraine since 2017 with EUR 1 million of grant funding, the programme continues to support cleantech entrepreneurs offering grants to an ecosystem for clean-tech SMEs now in Ukraine and Belarus.
The next CIV phase allocates EUR 1 million in EU grants for Ukrainian companies and EUR 0,5 million for Belarussian companies. Small and medium-sized businesses can receive up to EUR 50,000 to develop climate innovations and green technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy consumption.
The CIV scheme’s initial stage has generated success stories across many industries, from sustainable mobility to resource-efficient metallurgy. 216 companies in Ukraine applied for the Climate Innovation Voucher during the first phase of the project implementation, and 26 won grant funding.
The CIV scheme has contributed to the creation of some core technologies at the heart of many Ukrainian green innovations. The project has provided grants and support to companies like the maker of Guinness record-winning e-bikes Delfast; developer of energy-generating solar blinds SolarGaps; producer of energy-saving recuperators PRANA; operators of e-mobility solutions TOKA, GO TO-U and Autoenterprise; creator of the portable food safety lab for field detection of mycotoxins in crops BIOsens; developer of metal 3D printing technology using titanium wire xBeam3D, etc.
10 CIV beneficiaries became a part of the Green Expedition media project implemented by Ukraїner in cooperation with Greencubator.
The EBRDevelopment has appointed the Greencubator-led consortium with CIVITTA participation to support implementing the next phase of the Climate Innovation Vouchers.
The Climate Innovation Vouchers (CIV) project is a component of EBRD’s Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC) programme, supported by the EU through its EU4CLIMATE initiative. In 2017, Ukraine became the first country to benefit from the EBRD Innovation Vouchers Scheme.