Greencubator at the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference: how Ukrainian startups develop during the war

Greencubator at the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference: how Ukrainian startups develop during the war
Conference for Ecosystem Leaders and Innovation Managers took place on 5-6 July 2023  in Budapest, Hungary. Greencubator presented Ukraine among ecosystem-building organizations from 30 countries.
DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference is the global gathering of innovation ecosystem builders, investors, corporates, and government representatives seeking to build more robust ecosystems that tackle communities´ most pressing challenges.
The participants discussed future trends and why they matter for startup ecosystems and learned about strategic innovation trends and best practices from peers.Data-driven and action-oriented roundtables promoted ecosystems Building Innovative Ecosystems for professional ecosystem leaders.
Valeriia Mosiienko, coordinator of the Greencubator`s projects, took part in the panel discussion “Ecosystem Emphasis: Presentations from Around the World”. She mentioned important projects for green startups implemented by the organization – Greencubator.Academy and ClimateLaunchpad,. She also presented the achievements of Ukrainian startups that attracted investments and entered international markets.
During the speech, she focused on how the startup community lives during the war, and how it copes with the problems that about a third of teams have been relocated and work under the circumstances related to the danger of war. At the same time, the number and amount of startup venture deals in 2022 reached the level of 100 deals with a total amount of $794.8 million (source: DealBook of Ukraine).Ukrainian startups raised over $35 million in the second quarter of 2023.
– More than 300 Defense tech startups appeared during the Russian invasion. A lot of existing startups have also started to develop products relevant to the war effort, such as de-mining products, and energy storage,  summed up Valeria Mosienko, In Ukraine, we survive, keep working, keep fighting!