Ukrainian green startups can apply for the international ClimateLaunchpad 2024 competition until June 19

Ukrainian innovators developing climate-friendly technologies can apply to ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest international green idea competition that looks for business solutions to combat climate change. The application deadline is extended until June 19.

Participants of ClimateLaunchpad receive free training from cleantech coaches, learn how to pitch on stage, and compete for the championship with green startups from other countries. 

The competition has been held in Ukraine since 2016. Since then, it has helped dozens of Ukrainian climate innovators launch their businesses and take them to the next level. 

Participation in the ClimateLaunchpad is free of charge. To apply, please fill in the application form by 19 June via the link: 

The competition is open to newcomers to the cleantech industry with a promising business idea, as well as green startups, small or medium-sized businesses working in the following areas: 

1. Sustainable Mobility

Ideas that accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility models. Key focus areas include battery technology, smart energy management systems in vehicles, renewable energy, innovative mobility solutions and mobility as a service.

2. Circular Economies

Innovative solutions based on the principles of resource recovery and rational consumption. The three main ideas of the circular economy are: reducing waste and pollution, saving resources and materials, and restoring natural systems.

3. Urban Solutions

Business solutions for communities aimed to decarbonise urban environments and combat climate change, causing flooding and extreme temperatures in cities.

4. Clean Energy

Ideas evolving around energy storage, smart grids, integration of wind, solar and bioenergy, carbon dioxide capture, reduction of CO2 emissions from chemical and industrial processes, and energy efficiency in buildings.

5. Food Systems

Business ideas for sustainable food production on a global scale. For example, new approaches to decarbonising the sector and making it more efficient and productive, such as new agricultural techniques or nutrition innovations.

6. Adaptation & Resilience

Ideas for businesses that produce products or services aimed at building flexibility, adaptability and resilience to climate change.

7. Blue Economy

Ideas that benefit the economy and society without harming the oceans, coastal areas, rivers and lakes (tourism, shipping, energy and mineral production, fishing and aquaculture, etc.) 

8. The Next Big Thing

This theme covers innovations that have the potential to create a significant impact on a global scale. The project is looking for ideas that can transform markets, regions or societies and address climate change.

How is the competition organized?  

The competition is open to startups from 51 countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Colombia, Angola, Turkey, the United States, and Mexico.

Each country participating in the program provides training for startups to help them refine and test their business ideas. Among the training topics are market segmentation, key financial indicators, competitive advantages, pitching preparation, etc. 

The startups that win the national selection get a chance to compete at the regional finals of ClimateLaunchpad 2024 against teams from other countries. Greencubator has been organizing the national stage of the ClimateLaunchpad competition in Ukraine since 2016. 

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