Reinventing Ukraine’s green economy. A panel discussion on Ukraine’s development amidst war and beyond victory

On March 19, at 16:30, as part of the Climate Innovation Vouchers Award Ceremony, Greencibator will hold a panel discussion “Build green, build forward. Reinventing Ukraine’s economy”. The session will unite experts across various sectors of Ukraine’s economy alongside visionaries shaping its future.
The panel discussion will take place during the official award ceremony of the EBRD-EU FINTECC programme — Climate Innovation Vouchers. It will announce 10 Ukrainian companies that will receive a total of €442 thousand from the EBRD and the EU for developing and implementing green technologies.  
  • Discussion topic: “Build green, build forward. Reinventing Ukraine’s economy.”
  • Date: March 19
  • The beginning of the ceremony: 16:30

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Briefly about the panel: 

Discussions about the post-war or immediate reconstruction of Ukraine are ongoing both inside Ukraine and internationally. But how can we lay the foundation and BUILD a country with a new design that will serve many future generations? We will discuss the architecture of a new stage of Ukraine’s development, green growth, and the key components to achieve it: Capital. Markets. Businesses. People. 

The discussion will bring together experts from various sectors of Ukraine’s economy, as well as those who create its future every day: 

  • Svyatoslav Pavliuk, Executive Director, The Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine” (EECU) 
  • Yurii Fomichev, Mayor of Ukrainian city Slavutych 
  • Sviatoslav Sviatnenko, Co-founder and CEO @cyber/nnov8 | Chief Innovation Officer @ISSP 
  • Inna Pidluska, Deputy Head of The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF)
  • Nataliia Lytvyn, “Energy Transition” coalition coordinator and NGO’s “Ecoclub” project coordinator

The official award ceremony in Kyiv, scheduled for March 19, 2024, will be live-streamed via the Climate Innovation Vouchers‘s social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

For more information or to apply for media accreditation, please contact

Daria Prokaza, Communications manager at Greencubator 

About the CIV grant scheme: 

The Climate Innovation Vouchers (CIV) scheme is part of the EBRD’s Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC) programme, which is supported by the EU through the EU4CLIMATE initiative. The Ukrainian NGO Greencubator has been successfully implementing it in Ukraine since 2017.

CIV is one of the largest grant schemes in Ukraine for innovators in green and climate-friendly technologies. 

It involves Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, and prevent climate change.