Open Letter on civil society organisations consultation

Open Letter on civil society organisations consultation to Janez Kopač, Director of Energy Community Secretariat

Dear Mr. Kopač,

According to the news published on the site of Ukrainian Parliament’s (Verkhovna Rada) Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex and Nuclear Industry, on March 13th during the round table a representative of Energy Community Secretariat has presented a draft law “On renewable energy” which aims to alter fundamentally the legal framework for renewable energy sources in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, civil society representatives were not informed in due time about this round table by organizers and were unable to participate. This situation is highly unfavorable, considering important role of CSO representatives as watchdogs and independent experts.

Our organizations value an enormous contribution of Energy Community to the process of reforming Ukraine’s heavily monopolized, poorly regulated and deeply corrupt energy industry. We believe that increased transparency is crucial for reforming troubled Ukrainian energy sector.

The undersigned civil society and businesses representatives also firmly believe in European values to which our country committed by signing the Association Agreement with EU and paying a hefty price for hope to make our historical choice of eurointegration. We recognize transparency in policy development as important embodiment of EU core values. We also believe that experts of Energy Community share these values.

With this in mind we kindly ask you to make available for public consultations the full text of the draft law developed by experts of the Energy Community Secretariat and publish presentations delivered at the round table “Implementation of competitive mechanisms of “green” energy procurement in Ukraine” in Verkhovna Rada on March 13th. We believe this will improve transparency and overall quality of the policy development process and positively contribute to expert discourse regarding the support of renewable energy generation in Ukraine.

Looking forward for your response,


Andrij Zinchenko, NGO “Greencubator”

Mykhailo Gonchar, Center for Global Studies ‘Strategy XXI’, President

Viktor Butok, independent energy expert

Yuri Urbansky, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

Andriy Konechenkov, Vice President у World Wind Energy Association

Andriy Martynyuk, EkoClub (Rivne), Chair of the Board

Andriy Gorbal, Ukrainian Center for Social Data

Yuri Favorski, Solar Association of Ukraine, Head of the Board

Oleksii Mykhailenko, Clean Energy Lab, COO

Oleksii Tikhonov, NGO “Municipal Energy”, Head of the Board

Roman Skliarov, NGO “Center for Economic Democracy”, Head of the Board

Dmytro Lukomsky, TOV “Rentechno Prime”, CEO

Oleksiy Badika, TOV “Atmosfera”, CEO

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