Vyacheslav Husyev and a pedantic approach to energy efficiency

Vyacheslav Husyev is an expert on energy efficiency and house-cooperatives formantion. Within his job at The Polish-Ukrainian Foundation PAUCI he implements projects in Ukrainian cities, sharing the best Polish practices with Ukrainian cities and communities. He implements projects on energy efficiency on different sites and consults during their transition to a new level.

Why Vyacheslav Husyev?

Energy efficiency is the most important component when speaking about energy wastefulness and climate change prevention. Every energy efficient project has lots of hidden dangers on the stage of designing, implementing, controlling, and financing. Add versatile communities of apartment owners, needing thermomodernization, and you will understand what a considerate and pedantic approach is necessary. Viacheslav Husyev is a practitioner who embodies such attentive and pedantic approach. He can share lots of experience, of implementing energy as well as social technologies, so urgent for sustainable projects.


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