Віктор Загреба

Viktor Zahreba: small investments – radical changes

Viktor Zahreba is well-known as one of the founding fathers and activists of the Ukrainian bike-movement, in particular within a systemic infrastructural project “Bikeland”. He initiated bike-paths marking and inspection as well as founded a network for bike-friendly touristic households in the West of Ukraine. At the moment he is the coordinator of a civic initiative forming a strategic vision of the Jaremcha-town development, aimed at forcing communities’ influence on the sustainable economical development of the region.

Why Viktor Zahreba?

Being an enthusiast of sustainable transport and green tourism, Victor Zahreba implemented several interesting and ambitious projects for sustainable touristic development in the Carpathians. He possesses great skills working both with communities and businesses and can demonstrate why small investments in sustainable projects can radically change a community’s life. Victor is a Fulbright programme alumni, in 2011-2013 he gained a master degree in public policy at the University of Maryland, USA, where he specialized in management of non-profit organizations and transport policy.


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