Василь Прусак

Vasyl Prusak: from cooperatives movement to new agribusiness philosophy

Vasyl Prusak is the initiator of the agro-cooperatives movement in Lviv Region, Ukraine, which main goal is to unite local natural products producers and consumers. Vasyl makes a tremendous contribution in the formation of alternative economic chains based on exceptional business ethics and direct connection between producers and consumers, due to which Lviv’s agricultural sector is experiencing a brand new development. Mr. Prusak’s another sphere of interests is the promotion of energy efficiency in house cooperatives.

Why Vasyl Prusak?

Local economical development, shortening the products delivery routes, ethical agribusiness, local energy systems, and communities activation are the crucial elements of the economical and social dimensions of sustainable development. Vasyl will share his experience in several projects with Summit participants and will also consult project teams after the event.


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