Роман Морозов, Шелтер+

Roman Morozov: a unique social hacker

Roman Morozov – founder of the Cultural and civic centre ШELTER+, a unique platform which helps children and teenagers to develop their intrinsic potential. Due to Roman’s and his team’s efforts, an unprecedented project was implemented in the Kryvyi Rih city in the East of Ukraine that unites a community of proactive citizens with the goal to empower children’s talents, offering them beneficial conditions for spare time-spending.

Why Roman Morozov?

To create a vibrant art centre in a rather depressive city, which helps children and young people to unfold their potential, switching their attention from alcohol and drugs consumption – this is a strong social innovation itself. And to do all this without business or government support is even more so. Roman has a unique skill to implement seemingly unrealistic projects due to his insistency and faith, remaining smiling and energetic – and he always shares it with others. Recently his team launched a crowdfunding project to establish energy efficiency in ШELTER+, and this model seems to be worth spreading.

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