Iryna Solovey: crowdfunding for sustainable projects

Iryna Solovey is a social innovator, representing a new generation of civic actors in Ukraine. She is the leader of the Garage Gang Kollektiv – a laboratory for creating a modern societal space and supporting progressively thinking initiatives. Being a living example of the “think global, act local” mentality, Iryna is the author of Big Idea, the first crowdfunding platform in Ukraine.

Why Iryna Solovey?

Crowfunding, social innovations in communities, cultural and art-initiatives – this is just a part of the novelties which Iryna introduced in Ukraine. She will suggest the Summit participants to look at project financing from a new perspective, will tell about the models of communities activation and social change promotion. We hope that some projects developed at Sustainability Summit will leverage funds though “Spilnokosht” – a Big Idea’s project.

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