Sustainability Summit

September, 13-16, Shcholkino (Crimea) Greencubator and the Alumni Association of the Program “Rishennya Ye!” (“There is a solution!”, ukr)  invite you to participate in Sustainability Summit – an open project laboratory for sustainable initiatives’ design for communities and towns. Continuing the spirit of Greencubator EnergyCamps, Sustainability Summit is going to become an open-air renewables-powered event at the AzovSea.

The main goal of Sustainability Summit is to unite the knowledge, experience, and energy of community leaders, civic sector activists, local authorities, and specialized university programs’ alumni to create and share applied projects in energy efficiency, local economic development, green and sustainable energies, and positive behavioral changes.

We are convinced that sustainable development must be based not only on ecological component, but also involve effective economic models and actively contribute to social progress. In other words, any project made solely by ecologists without economists’ and innovators’ support is far from being implemented in line with sustainable development principles and is often bound to fail. Taking this into account, Sustainability Summit is thought to be a platform for sustainable projects’ design where economists, ecologists, energy experts, and social innovators work together.

Along with lectures by sustainability, renewable energies, and social innovations  experts , which constituted Sustainability Summit 2012, this year event will focus on the collective creation and testing of  projects and models for economic, ecological, and social growth of the participants’ communities. In this regard, the Summit will be akin to TeslaCamp – a green hackaton organized by Greencubator in August 2013: the ultimate “product” must be a demonstration of technical, informational, law, or any other project prototypes. Energy, city and community development, design, and other issues will enrich Sustainability Summit 2013 program.

The key goal is to come up with projects which can be easily implemented with minimal budgets. Expert talks, discussions, trainings, and other sessions will be targeted on that.

Change DESIGN, ACTION orientation

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is a big difference!” – being a joke, this is more than true. Hence, Sustainability Summit will be looking for applied concepts for ecological, energy, economic, and social welfare of communities throughout Ukraine and in the Black Sea region in particular.

The implementation of ideas starts from the selection of participants.

Innovative format

We strive to introduce sustainable development principles in our activities: the conference zone at the Azov Sea will be fully powered by renewable energies; for catering, we mostly use local products mainly working with small private enterprises. The camp is settled thanks to the help of a volunteer community; the trash in the camp is separated. We minimize paper use and disposable tableware.

The format of Sustainability Summit is well-known among former participants of EnergyCamp and TeslaCamp: it is an open-air conference with a camping-site, delicious food from fire, electricity from solar panels, megawatts of smiles produced, and excellent people, eager to create sustainable models for their communities’ development. Dress-code: shorts and no ties.

Why Shcholkine?

It is not accidently that Shcholkino has been selected as the Summit site. Originally, Shcholkine was built as a town for the workers of the Crimea nuclear plant which has never been launched. In this city, the first large solar power station in Ukraine has been set. Nowadays its residents are designing a new strategy of development looking for ways to transform their community.

Not only Shcholkino, but also thousands of cities in Ukraine and all over the world are facing the challenge of transition from the resource-wasteful and unstable social and economical model. We believe that exactly in such cities where change is so urgent and people are searching for solutions, new social, technical, and economic patterns are born.

Partnership as action

Sustainability Summit is a joint effort of its organizers (Greencubator and “Rishennya Ye!”) and a friendly community of other organizations: our key partner is the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, our solar partner is Activ Solar, technical partner –, not to forget the best volunteers possible.

If you would like to become our partner, please contact Roman Zinchenko for suggestions.

We are welcoming new volunteers: if you would like to help us create Sustainability Summit, write Kseniya Choni

To participate in the Summit, please register.



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